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TucsonBizz is a software development company serving Tucson. We develop web, software, and mobile applications that help our customers maintain and grow their small business with the latest and best-in-class technology solutions.


Mobile App Development Company Tucson

TucsonBizz is a software and mobile app development company based in beautiful Tucson, Arizona. We have completed hundreds of projects for numerous companies across the United States, and we provide web development, mobile app, database, custom software and cloud based solutions for all types of businesses, from small business websites to large application enterprise systems. We design, build, release and maintain database systems, mobile friendly websites, small and mid-sized enterprise and cloud based application systems, as well as mobile applications for iOS, Windows and Android.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of web & business services.

TucsonBizz designs your digital assets into functional solutions that truly deliver. We accomplish this by meeting with you and your team and building solutions that not only meet your specific goals, but the objectives of your employees, customers, other stakeholders and site visitors as well.

Top Software Development Company In Tucson, Arizona


Using our custom-developed solutions, developed on the Microsoft framework, as well as several open-source platforms, our clients are able to capitalize on

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Top Mobile App Development Company Tucson, Arizona

MobileApp Development

The world is adopting mobile technology at breakneck speed, and small businesses must meet and exceed the demands of the marketplace. At

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Tucson Web Design Company


Web design, done correctly, captures the required elements needed to ensure the right design, then the right content, and combining these, along

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Web Development Tucson


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Tucson Digital Marketing Agency


We now live in the digital age, and in this new age, digital marketing trends are continually changes, sometimes by the hour.

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Wireframing Prototyping Tucson

Wireframing& Prototyping

We analyze your project and clearly define your project goals before any development work begins. We accomplish this goal through wireframes, mock-ups

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custom software

Custom Software Development

TucsonBizz is here to help you develop your company’s custom web-based applications, mobile-friendly apps, custom database systems and technology solutions for a changing world.

At TucsonBizz, we get it.  We know that every company is unique in its own way and that your company has distinct needs and perspectives.  Our project solution owners, project managers and programmers examine every detail of our detail of your project and we provide a number of development options to fit your project budget needs.  Custom software and web applications can radically improve your company’s performance metrics, both in cost-savings as well as increased productivity.  Some of these benefits include better accountability of employees, integration with third-party vendors, API integrations, added security and expanded flexibility to serve your customer base, and let’s not forget the boost your business can receive by creating a competitive advantage your competition can not attain. 

Our development teams dig deep into the process, and not just for the code-stack, but how a custom solution impacts your marketing, engineering, research & development and overall company management. TucsonBizz is your top software development company in Tucson area.  We are dedicated, committed professional and we are here to to serve your specific project goals and future company growth.

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Custom Software Development Tucson

TucsonBizz is an Arizona based digital firm with design and development expertise in custom software, web design, and mobile application development. We are proud to work with numerous small businesses around the country, as well as working with other software development firms, providing them with essential support, design, and development services.  For both, we provide web-based, software, mobile app, prototyping, web development, and SEO services.

Businesses across Tucson and around the United States have told us hundreds of times that we take the correct amount of time and apply the right amount of resources to develop solutions for companies in Tucson, and that we take the right precautions to ensure development is safe and designed to have a long lifespan and tenure in the marketplace.

Why are businesses investing in custom software?

Every business has its own set of challenges and unique growth opportunities.  Given all the changes constantly taking place across this great nation, companies are continually turning to customized solutions to grow their business.  Yes, there are plenty of third-party cloud-based solutions offering all sorts of solutions for numerous market segments, but at what cost to the long term stability of your business?  At TucsonBizz, we have a dedicated and well-trained team of experts ready to engage and deliver the right solution per your exact project specifications. 


Mobile App Development Tucson

The amount of mobile app development isn't slowing down, it's speeding up, and not just for big Fortune 500 firms, but for small businesses as well. At TucsonBizz, we understand the importance of examining market-ready solutions. For our Tucson customers, we offer a competitive market analysis service you can use to decide what your best course of action should be before choosing the custom development path. We examine the pro's and con's as part of our analysis, and it's only when appropriate to do so do we recommend a custom mobile app solution. We nearly two decades of service to our customers, we are proud of the companies we serve, along with other application development companies we work with. Our team thrives to provide the best solution per your requirements. mobile app development partner.


Scoping & Wireframing

We understand the importance of listening, and in capturing your exact project requirements, using state-of-the-art wireframing and mock-up tools.


UI Design & Development

Let our creative team design the UX/UI architecture your project deserves. We provide the technical skills and wireframing skills needed to produce the all of the project's programming and business requirements.


Development & Integration

For web-based solutions, our team of experts knows how to design and create the right hosting solution for your application. We work with AWS, and numerous other national hosting providers.


App Connectivity Services

Are your employees or sales team remote? We provide both on-site and off-site app models to accommodate both methods of connectivity, and for off-site, post synchronization to ensure no data collisions occur.


UAT Testing

Your company "Users" know best whether software is working correctly, or not. This is why we make sure the final phase of development is having your company employees test and validate the working order of all software or mobile app solutions.



As we like to say "Deployment is the end of the beginning". At TucsonBizz, all of our web-based solutions and mobile apps are built in compliance with Microsoft, Apple and Google specifications.

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