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TucsonBizz, serving the entire Pima County marketplace, builds custom software solutions for companies in Pima County and across the United States. We have vast experience in designing and building enterprise-level software solutions for SME’s, small and mid-sized companies across Arizona and Southwestern and Western states.

Software Development Tucson

Software development is the muli-phased process of designing, building, and maintaining software, taking into account life-cycle considerations and how an application will support the largest available audience. The software development process includes conceptualization, business analysis, prototyping, along with the development and deployment of a completed solution. Software development is not a one-time endeavor; it requires continuous improvement and maintenance, and not just for updating and supporting business processes, but for user demands, as well as platform modifications from sources like Android, Apple, and Microsoft. At Tucson Bizz, we understand the difference between good software and great software, and we bridge the gap between business and user demand, with what your customers demand, to create great software for your business.


Software solutions, built right, solves complex problems for enterprises of all sizes.  In fact, in today’s rapidly changing environment, custom software solutions for many small businesses is the core business differentiator. Custom-developed enterprise-specific software achieves two major business goals. First, custom software development can increase operational efficiency by 100% or more – we’ve seen it first hand, and our clients have reported the gains repeatedly. Second, a well-designed reporting interface module not only provides aggregate reporting, but produces business intelligence (BI) reporting that senior management can use to make intelligent business decisions, eliminating guesswork, and increasing productivity.

Our Software project owners, project managers, and programming team can guide you past the confusion and help you create the exact solution. Some of our core strengths include:

Experienced and creative professionals
Well-versed knowledge of all the advanced technical tools.
High yield software development process
Thorough market research for every project
User friendly solutions
Timely delivery
Cost effectiveness
Unique and customized

Software Development Services

Software Application Development Tucson

Software Application Development

The world is shrinking.  What used to take a warehouse of computers to perform heavy calculations is now done in your pocket on your smart device, (phones, laptops, etc). Today, adding the right technology solution for your business can and be the difference between growth and failure.

We now operate our lives using mobile devices or ‘Apps’. In simple terms, “App” development is a set of programs designed to complete different tasks based on a set of defined business requirements.  Every application development process follows through a series of steps, or phases, such as requirement gathering, designing a prototype, testing, implementation, and finally, integration. There are numerous software platforms available in the marketplace today that facilitate and even accelerate “app” development.  Some of the many include Game Salad, Mobile Roadie, Xamarin, Xcode12, just to name a few.

Software Product Development Tucson

Product Development

Product development typically occurs in two different scenarios; either for an already existing product or formulation of an entirely new product. Software product development service includes conceptualization, business analysis, and prototyping to the development and deployment of a complete solution.  Product development is not a one-time development process; it requires continual updates and maintenance using the latest technical development tools to support user demand.

Software Development Company Tucson

Custom Software Development

We understand that every company is unique in its own way with the distinctive needs and different outlook, our developers look into every detail of client’s need and comes up with a dedicated product suited best for the demand of our clients. Every company has unique needs, and because of this, our project developers work with you and team using our host of development tools to build your solution, and we do much more than code.  For each software project, we consider all facets of your business, including marketing, engineering, research & development, and the over management of your company.

Enterprise Software Development Tucson

Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise software is a business application able to operate your entire business.  These types of projects are considered highly complex and can take many months to develop. Enterprise applications (aka apps) can be available across different platforms, including a corporate network, intranet or extranet. Additionally, security is imperative when your Tucson business rolls out an enterprise solution.  It must be hosted on a secure and high performing enterprise e-platform like Amazon Web Services or Rackspace.  Designing the perfect integrated enterprise solution should be data-centric, user-friendly, and above all, must meet strict security requirements for administration and maintenance overhead.

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