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The world's level of digital transformation is continuing evolving with the constant innovation of new technologies. App development is a way to add to this technology by making day-to-day tasks easier.

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Mobile App development requires a lot of patience and creativity to design something valuable and useful for customers.  An app developer needs to be focused on several aspects like data-centricity, user-friendliness, and security requirements of the administration and maintenance.

In addition to developers, but a business needs to be clear and confident about the vision of near-term projects, and as a result, this will help app developers design and optimize apps.

It is always advisable to develop apps accessible to multiple users, and on multiple platforms, such as Android (Google Play) and Apple (Apple Store); this to ensure the app meets specific consumer requirements.

Work Process

Work Process

Our App Developers will guide you past the confusion and into a coherent, viable solution, and as a result, meet all the business needs, policies, rules and work-flow.

Analysis Requirements

TucsonBizz understands app develop concepts and the strategies that make them work. Having years of experience in different industries allows us to specifically understand the need of your business and deliver the customized product required to fulfill your enterprise needs.

Understanding the Project Concept

We start by understanding the needs of your business, something that must be done before starting any application design work. We make all the required wireframes as a reference and present these to our clients before proceeding further. We then await approval from our client before starting any work, and only after receiving the shortlist details and, in some cases, when needed, any prototyping that may be required.

Developing the application

After receiving all associated feedback from the prototype, we initiate application development work. We write and test code, and continue this process as needed until the source code is perfect. Bugs are found, fixed and the testing process continues until all development is complete.

Publishing the App on the Store

After all coding work is completed, including debugging and testing, the app enters a final quality assurance stage. Here, our UAT and QA experts test and re-test to ensure all requirements are met. Once the app meets all these criteria, it is verified on-line by the client for final approval. Once approved, the app is then published on the Android or Apple platforms, or both.

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Our Approach to App Development

At TucsonBizz, Our focus is developing solutions for our customers and clients their expected deliverables. Our experienced team of coders, managers and project owners take a holistic approach to the client’s business needs and with the knowledge of advanced tools and technology. With the right tools in-hand, our developers create clean, efficient code. We understand the importance of each project and value its objectivity. Our clients, time and again, after working with us for a year or two, call us their technical partner, and we have the testimonials to back it up.



By merit of important strategies and effective time management your project gets completed within a predetermined time.



Based on your plan structure, we establish your business needs and provide an exact technology solution with the right design.



Our developers use the most modern approaches to development, and they offer the technical experience needed to bring your idea to market.


App Testing

TucsonBizz app testers and QA professionals provides you with the highest level of testing experience. They are professional and have the skills necessary to get the job done.

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