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TucsonBizz is a leading mobile app development company serving Tucson. We provide innovative ideas and sound business experience, and we utilize the latest mobile app development technologies and hosting platform solutions available.

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At Tucson Bizz, we are constantly upgrading and expanding our toolset to take advantage of the latest innovation of new technologies available for mobile app development in Tucson. Mobile app design deployed correctly, allows employees and customers across your enterprise to perform all sorts of tasks. We use advanced techniques to assess and gather all the necessary business requirements, complete prototype designs, test, implement, and integrate. Let’s talk. We would welcome a call to hear more about your company, your challenges, and how Tucson Bizz can be your solution.

We have built mobile apps and technology solutions for all types of businesses across Arizona, from SME start-ups to complete enterprise solutions. We use cutting edge tools and technology to deliver the absolute best mobile experience, whether we are creating a mobile application for your company’s workforce, e-commerce, CRM or ERP. We have built numerous native and hybrid mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows phones, and completed projects include applications for social media, taxi delivery service, global positioning service (GPS), real-time streaming service, along with many others. We are also well versed with the latest trends in mobile development, along with the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable apps.

Let our mobile app development team guide you past the sometimes complex and confusing diatribe that is software development. Our strengths include:

Experienced and creative professionals
Well-versed with advanced technical tools.
High quality app development processes
Thorough market research for all projects
User friendly solutions
Timely delivery
Cost effectiveness
Unique and customized solutions

Our App Development Services in Tucson, Arizona

iPhone App Development Company Tucson

iPhone Application Development

We develop solutions on both the iPhone and Android platforms. Today, iPhone apps lead the way in the development world, but that doesn’t make Android any less important. In fact, most companies today, when starting a project, require development on both platforms. We understand this concept and begin by strategizing with you and your team to come up with the best solution, whether for Android, iOS, or both. Having been in business since 2004, and having hundreds of years of combined programming experience, we are your trusted source to develop and build the right app solution for your business.

Android App Development Tucson

Android Application Development

Android is continually expanding it’s development base and has millions of dedicated users. Developed by Google, Android is designed primarily for smartphones and tablets; as well as product solutions requiring the use of touch screens. We offer a team qualified Android app programmers who have current, in-depth knowledge of Android mobile development.

Mobile App Development Tucson

Windows Phone App Development

Although most people don’t realize it, there’s a third platform in the marketplace called Windows Mobile. Most companies and users today fall into one of two camps, either they are Android users or they are iOS users, but there’s a third, and it’s called Windows. Tucson Bizz provides solutions for windows phone app development using the latest technology and in-house programmers. Our emphasis is providing users with a smooth and hassle-free app experience, and to do this, we spend the right amount of time to create the right business solutions.

Mobile App Development Company Tucson

iOS Application Development

We have an excellent team of iOS App programmers serving all our customers. Our project owners, project managers, developers, and coders use the latest technology tools, such as Swift, Objective C, Core Graphics API, Open GL ES, Cocoa Touch Development, Sq Lite Database, as well as many others. Our team has vast experience in the field of app development and we are dedicated in ensuring you receive the best possible outcome with your project.

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