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We are an Arizona based Digital firm with the expertise in software, web and mobile apps development. We are proud to be associated and work as technical partners with numerous businesses, public and private entities and other software development companies.

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Our professionalism, dedication and long tenure developing unique and customized products for our clients makes us one of the most trusted names in the web-based business, whether for website design, software development or mobile app development. We have customers across the country, from Tucson to California and from Texas to New York City.  We have considerable technical depth in both B2b (Business to Business) and B2c (Business to Customer) models, and we’re just a few clicks or phone call away.

Who we are

TucsonBizz is a division of Sofvue, LLC, an Arizona corporation located in Phoenix, just a short 90 minute drive from downtown, Tucson.  Our leadership team offers two decades of experience and best practices in website, Internet application, web-based and software design services, as well as custom development services that solve complex, real and multi-tiered business problems that yield tangible measurable results.

The majority of our clients span the Western and Southwestern states, from California to Texas, but we also have customers on the East Coast as well. The majority of our clients are small businesses with less than two-hundred employees. For custom solutions, including consulting, mobile app and enterprise software development, as well as cloud and database systems; our services include:


1. Mobile Application Development

2. Software Development

3. Web Design

4. Web Development

5. Search Engine Optimization

6. Wireframing & Prototyping

Our company caters to six market segments including professional business-to-business (B2b), business-to-consumer (B2c), medical, logistics, real estate and e-commerce. We’ve developed hundreds of solutions for companies across the Southwest and we’re experts in delivering quantifiable ROI.

Let’s talk. Call +1 623-845-2747 today to start your next great project. We are in Tucson every 3-4 weeks or if you are in the Southern California area, we are in San Diego and/or Los Angeles every six weeks. Let us help you fulfill your website, e-Commerce and software technology goals.

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