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P.O. Box 10935 Glendale,
Arizona 85318-0935

Wireframing & Prototyping

In the same way that an architect will develop a complete set of floor plans to build an office building or custom home, a software architect creates the visual diagrams and design schema to develop software, also known as wireframes. Essentially, a software architect will create as many wireframes as necessary to satisfy all the programming and business requirements needed to complete all development efforts.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of wireframing.

Low Fidelity wireframes – consist of the basic layout or sketch, along with a simple design. Most low fidelity wireframes are black and white, and have no design element considerations. At TucsonBizz, we use several common wireframing tools, including Balsamiq and LucidCharts.

High Fidelity wireframes – consist of very detailed designs, all application elements, and up to 12 different types of programming specifications needed for developers to begin programming efforts. High fidelity wireframes can be so detailed that Users cannot tell the difference between a finished wireframe and a finished application screen.

Embracing the wireframing process offers several substantial advantages. These include;

Allowing project managers and programmers to see each of the screens within the application.
Providing the Use Case and business logic needed so the developers understand how each component is supposed to work.
Allowing stakeholders to share and modify screen shots with project owners, managers and employees before any programming work begins.
Dramatically improving cost and time-to-completion estimates.
Allowing testers and users to get a realistic and detailed visual representative of how a mobile or enterprise application will function prior to the start of any programming work.

If you are looking for a proven software development company to create your wireframes, the team at TucsonBizz has two decades of experience and they have created tens of thousands of wireframes. We offer low-fidelity or high-fidelity wireframing services, rapid application development prototyping, UX/UI architecture design, and more.


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